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Most People go to Prison, ask the Cheat.

80’s night was terrible last night at the Masquerade. I kind of wish Adam and I had stay at the dorm, sat in our underwear ate pizza and watched cop dramas. I wouldn’t be broke and I wouldn’t be tired as hell. No one in our group had a good time and since when is a shitty Long Island Ice Tea $6.50.

Well I’ve agreed to have drinks and catch a show tomorrow with Christopher tomorrow night. I’m scared because I am unsure if I should be doing this at all.
I am not needy for emotion, in fact lately the only thing I want to do is just hang out with my friends and have a good time. He just sounds so pitiful on the phone, I actually stopped calling him because I can’t stand to hear him so low. He just keeps hammering away at me until I give in, he knows I will everytime. After 5 years of knowing someone inside and outside, you learn what buttons to push with ease.

I would ask for luck but I don’t deserve it especially since I know I will be doing something I will regret.

Whenever a guy says “Only the two of us will know either way”, you should realize whatever decision you make will be wrong for someone.

I just hope it will not be me.

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