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Menudo and Me

Fucking Menudo is getting back together. Let the music revolution begin.

Anyway on to me, well after class ending extremely early I’m here just doing nothing. Well I am doing something, I’m thinking how I need a frickin’ haircut. I think that will be done today sometime. Maybe Adam could get one too, we could be looking so good, but I digress.

My monitor was emitting this horrid sound a few minutes ago and the screen was flickering. I think it’s time for a new one which is odd because I’ve had this one for about a year.

Oh and I have a question for any WG History majors like myself well this is really going out to Eric because he is the only West Georgia History major I know besides Christina and that guy whose name I can never remember:

Who do you think is dreamier?

  • Ablard?
  • de Nie?
  • Love?
  • MacKinnon?

I am having a hard time trying to figure out which one is dreamier. Like Ablard has that whole half Latin/half Jew thing going on and that is so working for me. There is nothing hotter than a sassy, yet nasually voice, but de Nie has the curliest, long brown hair ever! I mean how could you resist those umber locks of pure delight? When he flicks his hair out of his eyes it’s like that scene from Fast Times at Ridgemount High with Phobe Cates. And what about Dr. Love, I wonder if he lives up to that name? *growl*. Don’t even get me started on the incredibly intelligent MacKinnon, he should be on Jeopardy.

So many and I can only choose one? I guess I’d choose Ablard. Hands down he’s got the smile, the smarts, and the attitude to make a guy like me think he is the dreamiest male history teacher at WG.

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