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I think I am going to move back to New Jersey once I am done with college.

I miss my family a lot and I didn’t realize until I talked to my flaming queen of an uncle Vincent on friday night. Granted he is in Florida now but everyone else is in New Jersey, even the side of my family who refuses to accept me. Where else in this world will I run into someone I am related too and they ignore that we are second cousins? Well that happens here in Georgia also but I do it to my grandfather’s side of the family. Which is wrong and I realized that now. Maybe I should become a buddisht?

Maybe the 8 fold path really is the way to finding who I am by leaving behind everything I think I am.

Anyway, three more until we leave for New Orleans. I look foward to it because Adam is coming and we have a great room on the west end.

I wonder if I will end up with a guy who looks like Christopher again this year…? That would be really weird.

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