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I do not know what to do. There is the guy who is in my methology class, I thought he was not all there the first couple of weeks and now I am sure of it but I can not help but stare at him. We talk before class mostly he rambles and I give smart-ass remarks and laugh at all the wrong times, but he caught me staring at him like seven times today in class and I am not sure if he was staring back. Needless to say, I am embrassed and know not what to do come the next time I see him. What is even more annoying, his roommate is “Apache Chief.” That’s right good ol’ “Inuk-Yuk” himself.

God, and that little Miss “I look like I fell off a speeding soil truck” had the nerve to tell me I should not have waited last minute to write a paper for Love. First thing, I was not talking to her, I was talking to other people, and second, who the fuck are you to tell me how a teacher will grade my paper? I never wanted to donkey punch someone so hard in my life! She’s this little brown-nosing 19th century kiss ass who can never explain her thoughts. Who the fuck can’t just say what they mean instead of talking in code? I mean did she think she was being intelligent rambling on about Native Americans and how they were wasteful also (but not the extent of Europeans).

And then that boy, the one who sit at the end of the table with the drunkard speech pattern! What the fuck was wrong with him!? He said and I quote, “When the humans came over to America they caused diseases which killed the Indians!” The Humans! Are Native Americans not human now?! First Hitler, says Jews are Evil Dwarves, then Desi’s dad says Africans are Silver-Back Gorillas, and now Native Americans are not people?! What the fuck does that make me? 1/8 Evil Dwarf, 1/4 Non-Human/Animal, and the rest is Silver-back Gorilla?

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