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For those of you who read New X-Men I would like to let you in on something very funny which Grant Morrisson did and it finally hit me. The entire run was a 40 issues long parody of Chris Clairmont 40 years run.

How could you not love someone who hate the franchise so much that not only does he admit to not caring about the reader but he also take the same old ideas that have been passed off at new since the Clairmont era and proves he is a better writer than Chris, hands down.

I am so annoyed with Clairmont current work on the JLA is seems he is trying to hard to be cutting edge and all we are getting from him is a dull paper cut. He is trying to have a dynamic cast like Morrison did for the Jla but he can not do something that he is beyond him. Clairmont is a hack writer who had a couple of hits over 40 years of writing the same characters.

Grant, I love you.

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