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Daniel – Nebuchadnezzar’s [Drunken] Dream

“Then the king commanded to the magicians,
and the astrologers,
and the sorcerers,
and the Chaldeans
for to shew the king his [drunken] dream.”

Dan and I were talking tonight, well I was doing most of the talking he was drunk and telling me how “incredible” I was and going on about sucking (I have no clue why), anyway that verse came to mind while we were talking. I am not sure why but it did. I have very aloft lately. I do know if it’s the change in lifestyle or the overload of research and class work I have to do.

I wandered around campus for a few hours today I thought it would clear my head but now I think I am more confused then before.

Desi called, she wanted to see if I were coming home this weekend. I should’ve but I have to read these books because of the dreadful papers I have to write soon.

Andy called, he said he felt the need to tell me he loved me. People are scarying me with all their affection.
I crave it but at the same time I am deadly afraid of what is actually means.

It’s so quiet when no one is here.
I hate it because then I have to make all the noise.

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