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I’m Not Inviting My Agent

Well Christmas is over and I have to one of those creepy realization while watching something equally creepy.

My soul is this endlessly desert of compassion.

I love this world and everything in it.

I’m twisted and I have problems.

I miss the feeling of riding on a camel (Anthony, you sad little boy. You’ve only ridden a camel once. Get off it.).

I am a cripple, if not physically or socially, then emotionally.

I don’t sleep anymore, I barely eat.

All I do at night now is think.

God damn you fucking bitch. Stop crying, it’s done and dead.

Obey your signal only.

I didn’t ask you to grab my cock.

I have created something new for myself.

Holy blessing and sugar-coated omniscience, all here to please the children of the world.

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