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Bang, Bang.

Well I guess I’ll start on tuesday night. Well Des, Joe, Mari, and I went to see Gothika. Not Berry’s best but it was nice to see her (if you know what I mean).

Wednesday came and went with lots of sorting.

Thursday (aka Turkey Day) came, I went to work at Turner Field with mom, it was very hard. Not many people helped out this year, I had to do like three people’s job but you know it was “rewarding”. I went out for drinks and holiday-like food with mom and then to Joe’s for more drinking. I ended up calling Aaron that night. He’s going to England in January. Even though we haven’t be a couple in almost a year and I was the one who told him I couldn’t be in the relationship, I am actually sad to know he’s going to be leaving. I never loved him but I think I could’ve.

Friday, I am not sure what I did friday. I think I had a baaaaaad hang over so ask Desi or Joe what I did.

Saturday was odd. Dan tried to like kiss me the moment Joe left the room. I was just sitting on the couch watching Five Deadly Venom (the best kung fu movie ever) and as soon as Joe got up to go to the other room, there was Danny staring at me and leaning in. Needless to say I was dry humped like a dog later on that night and almost laughed myself to sleep thinking about it.

Sunday I found out Desi’s car got towed and Dan woke me before he went back to Georgia College. He hugged me and I actually felt that weird “I care about you” feeling I get for people but it soon faded as soon as I checked my mail and saw that Tiffany had e-mailed me (I need to call her soon). Now I am back at school tired form my weekend of rest and all I can think about is going to sleep.

Boring. Pathetic. Dull. I don’t know the meaning of these words but you know. Whatever.

Have a nice weekend, folks. This kid is going on a long holiday.

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