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Pull Me.

I talked to Christopher a day ago. It was nice. I miss him but you know…stuff. I want to just be ok with him again but things are never that simple. I’m not hung up on him, I just miss the comfort only he has been able to bring to my life.

I tasted blood in my mouth this morning and I do not know why.

I got locked out and went to Jason’s. I like that guy. We had a really nice time together at Michael’s choir singing dealie the other night. Dealie is not a word.
I do not know how to tell him what’s going on my head or if it is right to mention it. I am so blunt with him and yet he does not get it. I think that is why I am even more frustrated about the situation. Guys confuse me sometimes.
Everyone will be here this weekend. I am looking foward to it.

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