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Seth The Six Billion Dollar Bastard and Other Rants

Well I just finished reading the Establishment story arc of The Authority and I’m a little dissappointed in Mark Millar’s shock writing. I love the Authority when penned by Warren Ellis (the creator) but this character “Seth” sucks so much. He’s this backwater redneck who get all these super powers and despite not having any prior training he takes out the Authority (including Midnighter) in record time. It just seemed too easy for me to accept. These characters have fought a whole world of Sillician Aliens and yet they can’t take out this bastard? The whole transfer of power was stupid also. The only character among the new Authority (the orignal team was replaced the orignals) I fancied was the General. He’s this hard-up british football player who is so tragic he actually makes you like him. I thought the character of the Street was coll also but they never gave you any ensight to him, which is another problem with Mark Millar’s Authority. The characters are not acting like themselves. They whine and drink and party. This is not the team the late Jenny Sparks brought together. These are people seem more fitted for Mtv. I honestly recommend you read the first 12 issues of vol. 1 (vol. 2 is shite so far…urgh) it’s very moving and it his this wide screen feel to it.
Alan Yeong is frickin’ hilarious. He really seems to want to connect to the people working for him and that’s a great thing to do as a boss. I find it odd that everytime I go to work in the costume shop I end up talking about jews, penises, and movies. I can’t wait until Breath, Boom started to be worked on. A designer from New York is coming down to work with us and his ideas are so retro. This play will be worth the watch.

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