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I’m currently in a manic state. I can’t sleep and all my thoughts are a million a minute. I miss this! This is great. I feel on top of the fucking world!

Well this is suppose to be a battle scene. It’s my first of this type of painting. It wasn’t as hard as I once thought, it just take forever. I don’t think I make it clear enough that he’s has a light sword and shield. It’s a magical light sword so in my mind that functionals like weird light. You know like a light bulb will shine on almost everything in a room? Well I thought if you have a sword made of light you could attack everyone the light could reach and the other guy is the darkside of things. Like Ying and Yang or Black Michael Jackson and White Michael Jackson.

A Glitter in the Dark
I did this about five in the morning. I most proud of this one because I love the way Hyperion looks. He has this strong yet vunerable look. It’s kinda sexy. I don’t like the way the other one came out. I’ll have to work on it.

There Must Be Balance
I love the composition of this one, but I think I got carried away with everything. I was just whacking away at the digital canvas. I realized last night how much I miss painted in real life. It was so relaxing. I need to paint more.

Ok well that’s my stuff. I don’t know if I’ll paint today because my head hurts and my chinese food is getting cold.

PS: Fortune Cookies rock! I’m going on a trip soon and it will be successful and pleasant! Thanks,little funny-shaped lemon cookie!

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