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Do you like it this way?

Well I almost died tonight. We picked a hitch-hiker at the Walmart of all places and though I was initally not afraid, the moment we got on the highway, the years of watching America’s Most Wanted began to creep through my brain. I thought he would hold a knife to my throat and force Desi to drive to a remote local. In this situation, Adam would be terrified and unable to move. We would come to a stop on a deserted road, where his “posse” would be waiting for us. They would kill Adam and Desi in front of me. Shooting both at point-blank range, the whole time forcing me to watch this happen. After they were murder, I would be savagely raped and the car would be taking apart piece by piece while they ate my salmon and devilishly ask, “Do you like it this way?” I would be left nearly dead and broken because I had lost two of my closest friends.

What gets me is why was I raped and forced to watch my friends die in my murder fantasy? Why not Desi? I have no deep seeded fantasies of the sort.

Maybe because I am always main character in my head?

Oh yeah, sorry again for what I said earlier Desi. I am just a little freaked out about turning 21 and scared I would cry once I saw my gifts and party. What can I say? I am a softie (despite my witty, often cutting humor.)

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