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When X is not X.

I’ve seen the future and I know that things are never what they seem. The age of the atom has ended and only an one brightly shining star remains, but what is this star’s true polarity?

The current theory is that Xorn is Magneto.

In New X-Men#125, Xorn says, “Scott, I can read this spacecraft electromagnetic pulse, and it is about to commit suicide.”

And physics tell us that gravitational fields can be created through electromagnetic fields, and “power” is Xorns sole mutant power.

Emma Frost was shot by Angel, who was remotally being controlled by Esme, (who in NXM#123 we see has no real interest in being an Emma follower), then she kills Sophie, because of the new world order that is coming, notice that Esme does all this once Xorn is an inhabitant of the school. Emma was shot because the X-men need to be destroyed one by one, and that is why Xorn has been waiting, however Emma found out something she shouldn’t have but hasn’t noticed its importance yet. Also the car that Esme got in at the end of the issue could have been magentically controlled, since there was no driver and it was obviously in motion. The only person to see Xorn’s face, is Angel who has no idea who Magneto is, let alone what he’d look like.

Martha was/is working for Magneto/Xorn and was the reason why no one could tell Magneto was realy Xorn. She probaly was the reason why Xavier saw flowers when he read Xorn/Magneto’s mind and why Emma saw Xorn’s fake history when she read his mind.

Also he never healed anyone. He used his magentic power to destory the nano-sentinals which were killing the X-Men and he only magentically held up Charles to give him the illusion of walking for all these months. The uncontrollable psychotic behavior of Magento would allow him to do this to reach his goal. It only add to injury to cripple Xavier once again after having his students and teachers scattered around the world and him left alone with Magneto in the mansion.

But why would Xorn/Magneto go through all this trouble to hide as Xorn?

Mainly an ego thing. With supposedly Magneto dead and Cassandra Nova outing Professor X, Xorn/Magneto finally got to see Xavier try and make his dream reality and either fail miserably or still spinning his wheels and have accomplished nothing. Infiltrating the X-Men gives Magneto a chance to see Xavier and crew up-close and spy on them to get a first-hand look at Xavier either failing or suceeding. And when Magneto strike, being in the X-Men’s ranks would give him the perfect spot to bring down the X-Men before he makes his big move out in the open…

As for the students, it’s again an ego-thing. Magneto wants to show Xavier his way is doomed to failure. Snatching his students (especially the special class, who stayed loyal to Xavier during the riot) would be a way to rub Xavier’s nose in his failure by showing him that despite all the new appearances of changes in Xavier’s dream that it won’t be enough to keep the next generation under his thumb.

How was Xorn/Magneto?

Look back and you’ll see that there is metal everywhere. His costume, the nano sentinals, and anythign Xorn used his powers on. There are so many hints I don’t know why anyone else didn’t figure out that the Man from Room X was in fact Magneto.

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