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The Mansion and more…

Tonight was actually ok. I went to the mansion and saw Ed and Alex, among others. I went to Kroger after and grab some drinks with Adam and then made a stop by Eric’s and had a good laugh. I have to say this is the thursday nights of past but this was a good thursday night.

It does not sound like much but I’m actually happy with how this week played out. I kept my promises and I found out where my old roommate lives now (The West African one who’s name escapes me), now I can find him and kill him if I wish.

Also, I am no longer bothered by not living in Tyus. I’m actually happy to not only be closer to classes and the gym, I’m also running into a lot of people and the rooms themselves are actually so messed up now. It’s like a lab and it’s always hot. I feel bad for all of my friend who are living there.

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