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Lee Katz:Stage One

Finally stage one of “Operation: Make Lee Katz My Bitch” or “OMLKMB” for short is in motion. We are going to meet up at DragonCon in a couple of weeks…uhmmm soon the neurotically smart and handsome Lee Katz will be mine, body and soul!

A hurricane is coming Lee Katz, I hope you can withstand the sucking…I mean blowing…I mean..oh fuck it. Lee Katz will be mine!

Eric Update:_______________________

Eric sent me this link: Pastor Exposes Perverted Little Cartoon Character
I hate this little yellow, asborbant faggot! He stole my bit! Oh by the by, there is a scroll over penis.

Christopher Update:_________________

Christopher wants to very much be my friend. He says I’m the only thing he wont give up on. I love the kid, no doubt, but I can’t take this. He needs to make a choice and I’m not going to force him into doing anything. If he loves me than choose Tinkerbell, if not he should leave Never-Never land with Wendy and never return. I can’t survive this type of pain and not all the clapping in the world will bring my back to life.

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