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Why can’t everyone just be Lee Katz or Is this a Date?

What do you call it when one guy asking another guy out?

Is that a date, because I lied and said I liked girls and now he thinks I like girls but he still wants to go out tonight?

Is he trying to out me because I’m pretty sure I can’t get anymore out. Well I could start wearing boas and drinking zimas…oh and not dressing like a retarded chimp would help too (If I say retarded chimp is that generalizing all chimps as retards who can’t dress because isn’t that racism and I told him I’m not racist at all either.).

So let me recap, a guy asked me out even though four days ago I told him I kinda sorta had a girlfriend (well she is kinda sorta a girl and we are “friends”) and I also lied and said I was open minded about everyone and their unique cultures (HA!)…uhmmm that’s a load of shit. I am probably the most offensive person I know.

Now I’m scared because he’s coming by in 3 hours and all I could do when I saw him was think of a reason to not be in my room at the time. Urgh…and I like someone else on top of all this, damn you Lee Katz! Damn you to hell, you dirty, hot, intelligent, neurotic, rich, jew!

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