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Grant Morrison is becoming back to DC!

The greatest comic writer of all time set to come back to Dc Comics and work with Frank Quietly. I’m so frickin’ excited. I mean This man single-handedly set the bar for what the JLA should be and Frank Quietly drew the greatest comic of all time, The Authority (Written by Mark Millar) . So those two together again is like heaven with butter even.

I hate to say this but with my lack of respect for most of Marvel’s staff lately, save Grant, Clairmont, and David; I welcome his exit from the New X-Men comic and possibly onto Superman (he preposed an idea for the series and Dc orignally said no) but there are rumors of his Superman seeing the air. I love the New X-Men, that title made me actually fall back in love with my old favorites but with Morrison leaving and my more than hatred for Uncanny X-Men, I think the only Marvel titles I’ll be picking up in the near future will be Captain Marvel (God, PAD is such a great writer) and X-Treme X-Men (It’s written by Chris “I created all the good X-Men” Clairmont.

Sorry NuMarvel, your titles suck and your artwork is lacking across the board. I wish you would go back to the days of future’s past and recapture some of the power you had in the mid-90’s.

Grant Morrison Exclusive to Dc Comics

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