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“Superboy is the first child born from a same-sex union” Or “You and me and a super-boy makes three.”

After nearly 70 years of fighting and hating each other, Superman and Lex Luthor have finally gotten together. Ok.Ok. So they aren’t together but they sure as hell have a “super” kid together.

In the first issue of the molten hot comic, Teen Titans, it was revealed that Superboy is half-human, half-Kryptonian hybird/love child of Lex Luthor and Superman. Even though this new twist to Superboy’s background has totally changed his past, Superboy was once the closest human equivalent to a Kryptonian.

Hell even the Kid thought he was a clone of Superman when he emerged from the nurti-bath at Project Camdus, but bringing it a step closer and adding Lex into the mix really does a ringer on Superboy’s past. This completely ignored all the stuff that Director “Evil” Westfield and Professor Hamilton said about Superboy’s origin. Though, there have been rumors of Superboy possibly be genetically closer to Superman then we once thought. Kancer, a genetically evolved Kryptonian tumor that came out of Superman and identified him as “Father”, actually mistook Superboy for Superman during a battle. We also know from the “Sin of Youth” storyline, Superboy will developed all the rest of Superman’s abilites as he grows older and absorbs more yellow solar radiation. Also, Superman brought Kon to his Fortress of Solitude (he has never brought anyone there save his parents and Lois) and showed him Krypton through virtual reality and gave Superboy the name “Kon-El” to symbolize his closeness to the Kid. At the end of Superboy’s monthly title, Superman takes him to his parents, hoping that Kon would learn what it was like to be, not only the best Superboy, but the best boy he can be. So this step from “little brother” to “genetically cloned offspring” was just the next step for these two. I’d really hate to be their kid though, I mean these two men have everything. Superman is the superhero all other superheroes are humble in the presence of and Lex Luthor is the president of the United States. Kon has a lot to live up too. I’m still curious as to how Lex Luthor switch his dna with Westfield, who believed until his death, that Superboy was in fact a genetic clone of him. Maybe the head scientist of Camdus who worked for Luthor also was responsible for this ol’ switch-a-roo. Whatever the reason, I think it’s bloody brillant that Superboy is a clone made from their genetic make-up, but this leaves a few questions;

Will Superboy loses all his hair like Lex when he get older?

If Superboy is the genetic offspring of Lex Luthor, why is he dumb as a bag of rocks?

What will Superman tell Lois? I know this girl (Cir-El) came from the future claiming to be our daughter, but I just found out I have a son with Lex Luthor andeven though I hate him, I hope you can understand that Lex will always be apart of my life because of our son.

What a blow to Lois’ ego though, Superman made a baby with Lex Luthor before he and Lois could. She gotta be more pissed than when she found out Superman and Wonder Woman were getting so “close.”

Lois, girl-friend you need to put yo’ man in check, doll. He aint no good.

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