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Daddy’s little girl not so bad.

Well, about four months ago my favorite comic of all time, Supergirl, written by Peter David was cancelled and from her ashes rose possibly the shittiest Supergirl ever named Cir-El. At first I hated her like everyone else and didn’t understand why they would cause this horrible eye sore to be apart of the Superman Mythos…and then she got hot.

I mean look at the picture! She looks like Snow White with all the little birdies around her and smiling all gracefully. I mean my love for Linda hasn’t faded at all, she was everything a good “Supergirl” should be but Cir-El has really started to come into her own. I love the black hair and purple eyes. I love her costume. It’s such a very different style and feel from the traditional red/blue/yellow of the Superman Mythos.

I also realized like the princesses of Disney. Each Supergirl is unique and special in her own way.

Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El is Aurora. They both come from a beautiful, graceful, backgrounds and both suffer fates which no girl should suffer. Whereas, Aurora was put to eternal sleep by a dark and evil enchantress; Kara suffered death by a dark and evil anti-monitor.

Matrix is Cinderella. Both once served wicked people (Matrix once served Lex Luthor II, personally…if you know what I mean.). They both were worthless until someone else’s magic transformed them into something shiny and new.

Linda Danvers is Belle. Strong and never yielding, she and Belle are the only umber haired ladies of her titles (Linda wears a wig to live up to the blonde Supergirl image). Linda even has her own beast of sorts, the demonic Buzz.

Post-Crisis Kara Zor-El is the Little Mermaid. She is naive, pure, innocent and, kinda dumb but she is a sweet girl.

Cir-El is Snow White. Cursed by the past she didn’t create and hated by those who will not accept her.

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