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Well, well, well, we meet again.

I was on my way to my friend, Jeremy’s room to drop off this address to this shitty back wood comicshop and guess who lives with him!? That’s guy, Nathan.
Long-story short, I actually started rambling and he was actually laughing at everything I said and I wasn’t even trying to be funny.

It’s actually nice to meet new people, even if they are kinda dorky and remind you of Andy Adgate but the old Andy, who I indirectly warped into welll…you people know what he is like now. I’m still surprised someone made the first move on me. I always make the first move. When I set out to meet someone it’s like I’m playing chess and for someone to be playing chess with me, without me knowing it, is kinda cool. He certainly captured my pawn with his rook.

Nice move, Nathan. Nice move.

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