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The Beautiful the Water.

Listening to Josh sing “The Beautiful the Water” just reminds me so much of being on Sandy Hook beach at nights. I got my first kiss at that beach. Her name was Daphne and she lived down the street from me. I must’ve been like ten or so. We never went out or anything, in fact I don’t think we talked again after that night.

“Blue Light Blue Heat” reminds me of Martin Pinholster. He was the first boy I had a crush on. I remember the night I told him I thought he was cute at Kickoc’s house when I was in 10th grade right after all the Evan stuff ended. He took such good care of in high school. I miss Marty. So tall and strong. Too bad he’s on this whole self destructive bout of his. Maybe I’ll call his dad for a update on his life. Hopefully he’s trying to put his life back together…or maybe he’s in jail for running someone over in a car while on LSD but you know whatever.

Josh, thank you so much. Oddly your music conjures up faded days of my life that seem to belong to someone else totally different from now.

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