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I just finished listening to some songs sung by and wow, he has the greatest voice. It’s so true. I never imagined just how beautiful his voice could be until I heard it. I must go see him play.

Also, Christopher has decided to go in on that house with Jay and Keith….urgh…I’m not upset because we talked about living together again but I don’t know if I could do that again. I love him but wow, were we on top of each other day and night or what, I never saw any of my friends, and he constantly made me do the right thing. I’m going to be 21 soon and I need to be free and I need to have my own place. I’m hoping by this time next summer I will have an apartment with someone whether it is Andy or Joe or Desi, I don’t know. Hell, maybe John wants to live together I could pay his share of the first month’s rent to pay him back. Wow, this summer has been a ride and it’s almost half way done, hopefully this ride will only get better as this time goes on.

“The Crisis in the Sky” is finally over. Now it’s time to put the sky back in order.

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