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Superman? Is that you?

Ok, this is getting fairly out of hand and not to mention just plain fucked up. Ok, the last couple of days I’ve been dreaming about Eric…or atleast I thought I was dreaming about Eric but I’m starting to think from my last two night of sleeping it wasn’t Eric at all. It was Joe. I mean come fuckin’ on! Why am I dreaming about Joe of all people. I love Joe but I’m not in love with Joe. Like last night I stayed the night at Joe and I woke in a cold sweat because I was doing the not so clean lower torso shake with him. So I get up and go upstair to watch tv…needless to say I fell back asleep in less then ten minutes and I started dreaming again but this time it is Eric dressed as Superman or so I thought. Fast-foward to falling off the couch and I realized that wasn’t Eric, it was Joe! I freaked out and now I feel…well I feel gross. When it was Eric I was dreaming of it was wrong but it was a dream, like I know I like him because he’s smart, quiet, and handsome (he’s so frickin’ tall too) but I know who has my heart and will continue to have it. Christopher is the suiter I choose, because well he loves me like no one else has or probably will. There is magic there that I can’t explain but this all whole Joe non-sense is not fun, at all. Joe is my best friend, we share a minds not bodies. I can’t hold Joe responsible for this but who can I hold responsible? I know I don’t want Joe like that and Eric…he’s a fleeting crush. I knew the moment I put distance between us everything would just fade or atleast settle to the bottom. He’s just another Luis Sierra but unlike Luis he is within my grabbing distance. Urgh says I!


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