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Marvel Comics closes gaming fansite….

Well, I don’t know how many of you know this but I’m considerably obsessed with a game called Freedom Force and my skins were once hosted at a place called The Skindex. I’ve called this place home for my Marvel Freedom Force skins for a year and now after being threaten by Marvel Comics to sue for hosting free fan-work for various videos games, Skindex will be closing. I honestly have never been madder at a big company in my life. I’ve been avid reader of Marvel Comics since I was 6. Hell there was a time when I stopped buy Dc Comics and only bought Marvel, but now after being threaten for creating fan-art I will no longer be buying Marvel related products or comics…it’s a shame really because I was just about to get the collected volume of New X-Men by Grant Morrisson and pick up all the misses Xtreme X-Men issues I didn’t have. I guess I’ll no longer be making mine Marvel.
Oh by the by this was drawing I started before this all started, it’s Longshot, I don’t think I’ll ever finish it now. I’m alittle to pissed off.


Magic Number 10
Job Sporting Great
Personality I’d Quite Like One
Temperament Nervous
Sexual Gay
Likely To Win A Place On The Bench (For The Reserves)
Me – In A Word Beautiful
Brought to you by MemeJack

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