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The Tragic Mongrelized Offspring or What is Anthony saying to piss people off now?

Ok, I know I am possibly the biggest racist in the world (ask anyone) seeing as I hate everyone equally (I honestly do too), but this is a little too far. Being told I (a mongrelized offspring as this cartoon likes to call me) am the source of some Axis of Evil is just stupid. This proves that I should hate Americans more than everyone else. God, why are we so fucking stupid?

No wait…this federally found university web site that is hosting this bile proves it for me…besides why blame the message when you can blame the messenger.

Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia

(sarcasm starts here)
Oh I would be lying if I did not tell everyone how much I love Japan’s favorite loyal genie servant, Mister Popo. Who could not love a loyal, rotund dwarfish, genie with pointed elf ears, jet-black skin, and large red lips! If only I could be him!
(sarcasm ends here)

I mean What The Fuck! Do parents not see he is obviously a Darky!
How come no one has said a word about this to the Japanese government?! Is it just me or because he is from the planet of sub-servant black elves, that he is not allow basic human rights??

We need to set Mr. Popo free! If Kunta Kinte is free, why is Mr. Popo still taking orders from some mother fucking green Divine Grace wannabe?

Shame on you Japan! Shame!

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