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There is one love left between us that will stay,
When memories can slowly fade away,
Though feelings changed ever since we met…
Anyway, I’m back at school for the summer. I hate my roommate because not only does he smell, I think he’s kinda gay. I know that’s wrong of me to say but I do not want to live in a room with a smelly gay man. It is just wrong! It would be different if he were funny or witty but he is a brooding gay man with no style and he snores so fucking loud! I was awaken twice last night by his chainsaw. Oh and I do not like the way he stares at me. It creeps me out like nobody’s business. I’m moving as soon as I am allowed. Only downside here, not a door down from cute R.A. God is he fucking hot. I swear to God if I were looking for Christopher’s replacement, I would give him the job no problem.

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