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I can take it or leave it. Believe.

I don’t even know how I feel lately. Everytime I think about how “I” feel, I’m draw into this worthless void of self-sucking and frankly I tried of it. I can’t blame it on anyone but myself however, I’ve purposely distanced myself from things that I would otherwise want to be around because I’m just plain tired of being so self-loathing. I’m not talking about that, “I don’t deserve to live” crap. I’m talking about, “I know I should be happy with someone but I can’t allow that to happen” crap. Come to think of it, it all sounds like crap, doesn’t it?

Quick tempered. I haven’t been as such late. Yeah I get those flashes of uncontrolable anger but they pass quicker and quicker.

Love. I know I waste my time loving Christopher when I could honestly be doing something constructive. Even if it’s just sitting in a dark room thinking.

Anyway, The Streets are coming soon. Probably the single-most exciting thing to happen for me in a while. I asked Christopher to come with me but that was before I decided I’m better off without him disrupting my life.

Friends. First off, they are great but I’m sure a certain straight queen is incredibly pissed at me. I tried but I think I need to try harder if I want to keep old ties from breaking. The same can be said for Nate. He and I were closer than close at one time but now it’s like…I don’t know him and he has no clue who that hell I am.

Omniscience. I’ve gone two weeks without trying to use it for evil or any purpose. I hope with not using it it will lessen until I can’t access it anymore. I think that would be for the best. It has problems that not Jesus or Hitler could fix, why did I think I would able to succeed where others have failed.

Time. I have too much of it. I’m growing bored with the whole world. I’ve seen all I want and the rest just seems so bland. Dull.

Love again. I need to find love but I’ll probably only find it when I stop searching so hard for it.

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