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Well I keep say this is my last entry but then I come up with something to post about. Well here’s the skinny, it’s mother’s day weekend and I’ve spread myself too thin. I have so many people to try to see it’s riduclous. One, Nate is in town and I’d like to see him but I’m not sure which one of my charming friends to bring along. I was thinking Desi because he is my girlfriend but then I think I should bring Christopher because he is my….whatever. Anyway, Nate wants to meet Dan. I don’t want to be around Dan. He’s rude, annoying, and very DAN sometimes. I just don’t take to being in the same room as a guy who I’ve been with in a sexual manner and not have any feelings for him beyond pity. It deafens me with remorse for him and I dont want to pity him that is his major problem. Everyone (besides Desi) just let him do whatever he wants. But this isn’t about bashing Dan, this is about me. Nate only wants to meet him because he as a young confused boy I had a few drunk nights with. I think for Nate this means, he can finish the job that I started or something, but this isn’t about bashing Nate either.

Needless to say, I’m suppose to finish my case, hang out wih Desi, see Nate, have an evening out with Christopher, spend quality time with my mom, get my haircut, and do about a billion other things that are on my to-do list but basically I can’t. Oh yeah and try to see Andy (God, he is such a bleeding dodgey fuck).

You know what the fuck up thing is! I just want to sleep the weekend away. Think that would be best. Wait for Christopher to come back, dont bother calling him tomorrow before he leaves, and see him next week sometimes. I love my Funshine and all but this is stupid. I’ve seen him more times this week than i have anyone else. I need a break. Fast and now.

Maybe I’ll just take the Marta to The Majestic see Nate and call it’s an evening. Yeah that is my plan. A good plan. A good plan that doesn’t end with me punching someone in the nose.

I need to call my faghag. She is good with time management.

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