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Stealing My Funshine or Is this really your last post for a few weeks?

Well I just had this uncommonly common conversation with Christopher aka Funshine; we kind of got into a spat. I didn’t start it though, he was upset and he asked me what I’d do if he left me. At first I was thinking, only I get to run away from things but he was serious so I couldn’t joke my way out of this. Well needless to say, he went on about leaving me and if i’d be ok. So I went ahead and asked the million dollar question that everyone has been thinking, “Am I enough for you?” My heart dropped to say the least and he said, “Of course you are.”

There was no “but.”

Just “Of course you are.”

I don’t think I’ve been this happy with him in a long, long time. I was so scared of putting labels again. Like being his wife and his bitch and everything everyone else called me but I realized I just wanted him to be with me. Whatever that means I do not know anymore but I know I trust him and if he thinks he needs to leave to find himself I will not stop. I know how that is. I get that. Running away is always my thing but after last year’s little getaway I’ve diecided I can not run away from my problems not without coming back and them being worst in the end. I love my Funshine but I’m prepared to let him go and not make him prove anything to me.

If he’ll find love somewhere else then I can respect that because I know he’ll always love me, regardless.

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