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The weekend has come to an end. Needless to say spending this whole weekend with Christopher was refreshing. I really missed him. I know a lot of peoplewill not understand the bond we have but it’s just what we have. We depend on each other, however sad that is. It’s getting annoying that I’ve talked to 4 people and they’ve all said , “You two are back together?” We are not together. We are simply enjoying each other like we did before. I think Andy was the most annoyed. He kept telling me I should get out before it gets bad again but I dont think it will get bad again. I think Christopher and I both have grown . He’s such a different person and so am I. We’ve both expanded our experiences and now we can deal with each other in a better way. I think the best part of this weekend for me was waking up and seeing him smiled down on me, like he use to do when we lived together. He spent a hour and a half just laying in bed next to me when I was sleeping. I hate him. He makes me feel like no one else does and that really bothers me because evolution is the key to becoming something greater and this all seems like the past repeating. The odds are against this but I think we can still be close without being closer. Anyway that’s it. I’m done. I probably wont update my journal for a long time, class is coming up, I’m going home soon, and I’ve planned so much stuff with Christopher over the next three weeks that I will be bogged down beyond belief. Later kiddies. See ya in the fall, maybe.

Actually I’ll see you in three weeks. I’ve decide to take summer school! Take that you load blowing biatches!

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