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I Am A Drug or Get Off The Stage.

Stupid Girl: about econ?
Rabbi Fatonio: yes
Stupid Girl: not ya?
Rabbi Fatonio: no
Stupid Girl: and you are to moody
Rabbi Fatonio: too
Stupid Girl: baa
Stupid Girl: is something wrong?
Rabbi Fatonio: No. I’m fine. I just do not like bad grammer. No offense, of course.
Stupid Girl: grammar;-)
Rabbi Fatonio: That is ironic.
Stupid Girl: how bout that?
Stupid Girl: you never seemed to care before
Rabbi Fatonio: First off., the error was my indirect comment on your “to.” Second, I do not think we have met.
Rabbi Fatonio: As for my even more ironic friend, Christopher, I rarely talk to strangers.
Stupid Girl: wow
Stupid Girl: ok
Rabbi Fatonio: Wow indeed, my lady.
Stupid Girl: well, you don’t have be all snippy about it
Rabbi Fatonio: I am not being “snippy.” I am simply being logical.
Stupid Girl: you seem like a real ball of fun
Rabbi Fatonio: Actually I have been told I am.
Stupid Girl: yeah, I bet
Rabbi Fatonio: Disbelief.
Rabbi Fatonio: So, how did you “meet” Christopher?
Stupid Girl: I’ve known him since high school.
Stupid Girl: hod did you “meet” him?
Stupid Girl: and that whole “” thing pretty friggin annoying
Rabbi Fatonio: I am sorry you find it annoying and I have known him for more than a few years.
Rabbi Fatonio: I am the artist.
Stupid Girl: the artist?
Rabbi Fatonio: Yes.
Stupid Girl: yeah……..ok
Stupid Girl: I find you a bit strange
Rabbi Fatonio: So you went to Lovejoy?
Stupid Girl: yeah
Rabbi Fatonio: So you also know his mother.
Stupid Girl: I’ve met het before
Rabbi Fatonio: I find her a bit strange but in a lovable way.
Stupid Girl: I find you a bit strange
Rabbi Fatonio: You have said that before.
Stupid Girl: yeah
Stupid Girl: you refer to yourself as “the artist”
Stupid Girl: that’s kinda weird
Rabbi Fatonio: It is who I am.
Stupid Girl: what the hell does that mean?
Rabbi Fatonio: It means I am the artist.
Rabbi Fatonio: It is very simply.
Stupid Girl: are you on something?
Rabbi Fatonio: No.
Rabbi Fatonio: Are you?
Stupid Girl: no……
Rabbi Fatonio: You assumed.
Stupid Girl: I’m not the one saying weird things
Stupid Girl: what did you mean by “meet”?
Rabbi Fatonio: Well I stated who I was clearly. I still do not see where there is room for confusion.
Rabbi Fatonio: I wanted to know where you knew him from.
Stupid Girl: there are many artists
Rabbi Fatonio: Really? That is new to me.
Rabbi Fatonio: I should tell the papers.
Stupid Girl: well…..
Rabbi Fatonio: This will be all the rave of London.
Stupid Girl: you seem to think that you are the one
Stupid Girl: and are you always this mean?
Rabbi Fatonio: I am not being mean.
Rabbi Fatonio: Difficult, maybe.
Stupid Girl: why?
Rabbi Fatonio: I am difficult because it is in the nature of being the artist.
Rabbi Fatonio: I think like no others therefore I can see why this would be “strange” and “mean” to you.
Rabbi Fatonio: I forgive your ignorant ways, love.
Stupid Girl: what exactly do you have against me?\
Stupid Girl: you don’t even know me and you’re calling me ignorant
Rabbi Fatonio: Nothing that I do not have against all of this world. You like everyone else do not seem to understand the order of things.
Rabbi Fatonio: Well you called me strange and you do not know me.
Rabbi Fatonio: Is fair not fair? Or does my logical escape you?
Stupid Girl: most people have a name
Rabbi Fatonio: So.
Stupid Girl: yeah
Rabbi Fatonio: So why can I not call myself what I do.
Stupid Girl: how does Chris put up with you?
Stupid Girl: are you like this all the time?
Rabbi Fatonio: Yes. He deals because he knows me. He understand what this means. I am sorry you do not. I also apologize for seeming “mean” and “strange.”
Stupid Girl: grrrrrrr
Rabbi Fatonio: Tá muito frio.
Stupid Girl: I speak English weirdo
Rabbi Fatonio: Name calling. How cute.
Rabbi Fatonio: Is this where I offer the olive branch yet again?
Stupid Girl: what is your problem?
Rabbi Fatonio: Me possibly but not you. You seem like a doll.
Rabbi Fatonio: So are you seeing anyone?
Stupid Girl: haha
Rabbi Fatonio: Is that a yes?
Stupid Girl: that is none of your business
Rabbi Fatonio: Well neither was my true name but you would have liked to know it, instead of the artist. Am I correct, love?
Stupid Girl: most people do go by a name
Stupid Girl: and my name is Jennifer, not love
Rabbi Fatonio: Well like the Lord above, I do not go around throwing my name around for strangers.
Rabbi Fatonio: You are a cute bird.
Stupid Girl: I don’t believe in god
Rabbi Fatonio: Sad. He believes in you but that is not my place.
Stupid Girl: no, I’m not a bird
Rabbi Fatonio: Telling you my name gives you power. I rather you know me as The Artist.
Stupid Girl: are you sure you haven’t taken anything?
Rabbi Fatonio: I am sure. FYI: Bird is British for “girl.”
Rabbi Fatonio: Do you understand? Or do you need an interpreter?
Stupid Girl: you called me a bird
Stupid Girl: I can read just fine
Rabbi Fatonio: I am an artist. I have no prejudice, that is my gift.
Rabbi Fatonio: What is your’s?
Stupid Girl: I dont’ have a gift
Rabbi Fatonio: Yes you do. Everyone has one.
Rabbi Fatonio: Do you know Emily?
Stupid Girl: no
Rabbi Fatonio: Ok.
Rabbi Fatonio: You have my deepest apologies for dismantling and makeing an example of you.
Rabbi Fatonio: making*
Rabbi Fatonio: I’m slipping.
Stupid Girl: an example?
Rabbi Fatonio: Yes.
Rabbi Fatonio: I wanted to prove something to myself.
Stupid Girl: that you’re a freak?
Rabbi Fatonio: No. That you are illogical.
Rabbi Fatonio: That hurt, by the by.
Rabbi Fatonio: It is ok. I know you do not care.
Stupid Girl: I am not illogical
Rabbi Fatonio: You are a child in a curious place.
Stupid Girl: and I would care if you had been ever the least bit nice to me
Rabbi Fatonio: I am a man with Northern Ways.
Stupid Girl: yes, I’m 7 years old
Rabbi Fatonio: You misunderstand.
Rabbi Fatonio: Age means little to nothing.
Rabbi Fatonio: I think you are my first love.
Rabbi Fatonio: But I think I might be wrong.
Stupid Girl: how sweet
Rabbi Fatonio: Tonight, I want you to sleep on and dream of Love because it is the closest I will have. So ugly. Poor twisted child. Hug me because October spawned a monster in the shape of this child.
Stupid Girl: what?!
Rabbi Fatonio: So God made me in his image and you in my own. So Jesus saved you from pity, and sympathy and people discuse me a frame of useless limbs what can make good.
Rabbi Fatonio: All the bad that has been done.
Stupid Girl: blah blah blah
Rabbi Fatonio: You will never know the symbol of the mad lovers. I apologize again for this because it is my fault. I should have taught you something instead of playing with you.
Stupid Girl: and……….you’re still a freak
Rabbi Fatonio: You were my hostage for a second but now you will pause and draw the line. So sleep and dream of love.
Stupid Girl: I was never your hostage, you sick freak
Rabbi Fatonio: Yes you were. You think I am a freak but like a hostage you have no choice to respond.
Rabbi Fatonio: With this revelation I wonder if you will act the same still.
Rabbi Fatonio: If not for save of face but for save of mind.
Stupid Girl: what?
Rabbi Fatonio: October spawned a monster.
Stupid Girl: I think you need some sleep
Rabbi Fatonio: I think you need to be studying.
Stupid Girl: or some therepy
Rabbi Fatonio: I just wanted to be myself.
Rabbi Fatonio: Remember this is nothing. I was an interesting drug that you took and the effects are wearing dull.
Rabbi Fatonio: Like clairvoyance in the harsh sun.
Rabbi Fatonio: I shined down on you but can you blame me?
Stupid Girl: I think you have some serious problems
Rabbi Fatonio: Have you ever heard any of the Hyms of Faith?
Stupid Girl: no
Rabbi Fatonio: When did you lose faith?
Stupid Girl: I don’t believe in any of that crap
Rabbi Fatonio: Why not?
Stupid Girl: that again is none of your business
Rabbi Fatonio: Scared it might be true? Or is it too hard to follow rules?
Stupid Girl: it’s not true
Rabbi Fatonio: What is not true?
Stupid Girl: it’s a load of crap you were brought up on
Rabbi Fatonio: No. I was not “brought up.” I rose to my self.
Rabbi Fatonio: And in myself I found God.
Rabbi Fatonio: You see I am God.
Stupid Girl: you’re funny
Rabbi Fatonio: I have been since I was born. I am not your “god” but I am my “God.”
Rabbi Fatonio: I am not funny. I am honest.
Rabbi Fatonio: Religion is opium for the masses.
Stupid Girl: oh, but you make me laugh
Rabbi Fatonio: You really are in need of some.
Stupid Girl: you are sooo funny
Rabbi Fatonio: When a clock strikes midnight, are you ever scared your couch will become a pumpkin?
Stupid Girl: yes
Rabbi Fatonio: You lie.
Stupid Girl: I”m terrified
Rabbi Fatonio: You wit is shallow, like you. I love you even more now.
Rabbi Fatonio: You are real.
Stupid Girl: you don’t know me
Stupid Girl: I am not shallow
Rabbi Fatonio: Did you know I shine in the public eye, my dear. Please remember this night.
Rabbi Fatonio: Yes you are.
Rabbi Fatonio: You called me a freak, weird, and strange, yet you do not know me.
Stupid Girl: you belong in a hospital
Rabbi Fatonio: Hell I am questioning if you really know yourself.
Stupid Girl: I’m pretty sure I do
Rabbi Fatonio: You are a girl least likely to be a queen.
Stupid Girl: yeah, whatever that means
Rabbi Fatonio: It means you will never be special.
Rabbi Fatonio: Do not feel bad, I still don’t belong.
Rabbi Fatonio: What is your favorite movie?
Stupid Girl: everyone is special
Stupid Girl: even you in your freaky ways
Rabbi Fatonio: No, everyone certainly not.
Rabbi Fatonio: I am special. I have a gift and I am aware of what I should do with it.
Rabbi Fatonio: Even if you will never understand.
Rabbi Fatonio: I would like to meet you and try to help you.
Stupid Girl: I am special…just like everyone else
Rabbi Fatonio: You are disconnected.
Rabbi Fatonio: How can you be special?
Rabbi Fatonio: You believe in nothing.
Rabbi Fatonio: When you die, you become dust.
Stupid Girl: I believe you’re a freak
Rabbi Fatonio: Actually not even more like food for the worms.
Stupid Girl: everyone does
Rabbi Fatonio: No that is not true. People love me.
Rabbi Fatonio: People flock to me.
Rabbi Fatonio: They find my literal speech comforting.
Stupid Girl: do you belong to a cult?
Rabbi Fatonio: You are scared. I will let you ask me a question.
Rabbi Fatonio: No.
Rabbi Fatonio: I am the cult.
Stupid Girl: interesting
Rabbi Fatonio: The option for one question still stands.
Rabbi Fatonio: I will answer truthfully.
Stupid Girl: is Chris there?
Stupid Girl: there, that’s my question
Rabbi Fatonio: Yes. He slumbers.
Rabbi Fatonio: You had the chance to ask me what my name was and yet you did not?
Stupid Girl: does it really even matter?
Rabbi Fatonio: Well it seemed to matter to you.
Rabbi Fatonio: Is that why you got upset and called me strange?
Stupid Girl: no
Stupid Girl: you are just strange period
Rabbi Fatonio: We just did an ancient trade and you throw all of life’s instructions away.
Rabbi Fatonio: This is regular piccadilly palare.
Stupid Girl: sorry, but I just don’t understand you
Rabbi Fatonio: I noticed. I am trying to show you but you can not understand where this is going, can you?
Stupid Girl: no
Stupid Girl: I don’t think anyone could
Rabbi Fatonio: Michael’s bones lay where they fell.
Stupid Girl: ohhhhhh………..of course that’s where this going
Rabbi Fatonio: He was just somebody’s luckless son but now look what he has done.
Rabbi Fatonio: Michael’s bones were very young but you were never to know. Impetuous fun.
Stupid Girl: I have healthy bones
Stupid Girl: I drink lots of milk
Rabbi Fatonio: So tell me lucky thing, now that you have turned the last bend and see that we all judges you in the end, are you still brave?
Rabbi Fatonio: Or are you ashamed of yourself as usual?
Rabbi Fatonio: Thinning clothes are hopeless and no one was mad about you.
Stupid Girl: I don’t enjoy Dr. Pepper or Rootbeer
Stupid Girl: classic coke is bettre
Rabbi Fatonio: His lips are blue and his gentle hands frosen and his eyes still cry. Tell me , you lucky thing, are you too brave?
Stupid Girl: do you like coke?
Rabbi Fatonio: Only if it is going up my nose.
Stupid Girl: that explains a lot
Rabbi Fatonio: I bet you it always sounds like this.
Stupid Girl: no, sometimes louder
Rabbi Fatonio: There was applause at what you did to the Angel.
Rabbi Fatonio: Someone should gong you off stage.
Stupid Girl: yes, someone should
Rabbi Fatonio: And when you are down off the stage, please stay off the stage.
Stupid Girl: oh, I will
Rabbi Fatonio: I want my money back from watching your performance.
Rabbi Fatonio: The is a crowd now and they are screaming for you to get off stage.
Rabbi Fatonio: You do not belond in the spotlight.
Stupid Girl: do you know the provisions of the Northwest Land Ordinance of 1787?
Rabbi Fatonio: Never have, never will.
Rabbi Fatonio: Why change the subject when you are can simply not respond. Looks like someone is hooked.
Rabbi Fatonio: The drugs I offered are for this night alone.
Stupid Girl: do you know the provisions of the Northwest Land Ordinance of 1787?
Rabbi Fatonio: You need to get your kicks in the corners like you usually do.
Stupid Girl: I like punches
Rabbi Fatonio: I hope the months drag on.
Stupid Girl: time is good
Rabbi Fatonio: Always looking for attention.
Rabbi Fatonio: Always needed to be mentioned.
Stupid Girl: nope
Rabbi Fatonio: Who are you? Really? Take off that maks, dodgey bird.
Stupid Girl: are you one of those weird cult leaders?
Rabbi Fatonio: I told you, I am the cult.
Stupid Girl: what if I told you I am the cult?
Rabbi Fatonio: Even to you now. You find something about me even if it’s disgust.
Rabbi Fatonio: I move you in a way you will never move me.
Rabbi Fatonio: This was only a test.
Stupid Girl: I could push you
Rabbi Fatonio: You swam too far against the tide.
Stupid Girl: that would be fun
Rabbi Fatonio: You deserved all you got, the sky became marked with stars as an out-stretched arm slowly disappears.
Rabbi Fatonio: Hooray! There is no movement.
Rabbi Fatonio: There will be no fuss. You are…nobody’s nothing.
Stupid Girl: you’re very sad
Stupid Girl: I feel almost bad for you
Rabbi Fatonio: I used to be a sweet boy. Holding Daddy’s hand bu that was all in some distant land.
Rabbi Fatonio: I feel worse for you, love.
Stupid Girl: don’t
Rabbi Fatonio: You are dirty for the choices you have made. Like some greek tragedy.
Stupid Girl: I’m very clean
Rabbi Fatonio: You can not be blamed.
Rabbi Fatonio: Of course you are.
Stupid Girl: no
Rabbi Fatonio: And I am strange.
Stupid Girl: what make sme dirty?
Rabbi Fatonio: If you were really clean would you have to ask, dear?
Rabbi Fatonio: I bet you use to be a sweet girl.
Stupid Girl: I am a sweet girl
Stupid Girl: just not to you cause you’re mean to me
Rabbi Fatonio: Such a little sweet thing. A gentle tone of kindness or written words on paper.
Rabbi Fatonio: Can you write how you love all of the complicated things of live. God’s good air.
Rabbi Fatonio: Why should you care if I am mean to you. You do not know me.
Stupid Girl: gos doesn’t exist
Stupid Girl: never has
Rabbi Fatonio: I am a stranger.
Rabbi Fatonio: And yet you speak to him, like no one has.
Rabbi Fatonio: A fumbled politeness.
Stupid Girl: I don’t speak to him
Stupid Girl: there is no one to speak to
Rabbi Fatonio: Most people keep their brains between your legs.
Stupid Girl: what?
Rabbi Fatonio: Turn on, plug in then just walk away. Unlock, process then just go and felt quite alone, like you do now.
Rabbi Fatonio: You’ve got mail.
Stupid Girl: you’re really wierd
Stupid Girl: I really have no clue what you’re talking about
Rabbi Fatonio: When your gift unfurls, when your talent becomes apparent, I will roar from the stalls.
Rabbi Fatonio: I will gurgle from the circle of the saints and smile shyly down on you.
Stupid Girl: do you bother everyone like this?
Rabbi Fatonio: No. Remember you are “special?”
Stupid Girl: did you have a bad childhood or something?
Stupid Girl: is that you’re so messed up?
Rabbi Fatonio: No. I was treated like no other because I am like no other.
Rabbi Fatonio: I am not messed. I am the human one.
Rabbi Fatonio: You are the animal where men stick their brains. Remember?
Stupid Girl: stick their brains?
Stupid Girl: what the hell does that mean?
Rabbi Fatonio: Yes. Between your legs, my dear girl.
Rabbi Fatonio: You are a dull one.
Rabbi Fatonio: Easily to play the villain with you.
Stupid Girl: and you are a strange one
Rabbi Fatonio: Like everyone else.
Rabbi Fatonio: Atleast I am not the dirty one.
Rabbi Fatonio: Dirty girl.
Stupid Girl: I am not dirty
Rabbi Fatonio: And I am not strange.
Rabbi Fatonio: You started that name calling.
Rabbi Fatonio: Do you wish me to start the hair pulling?
Stupid Girl: you are strange
Stupid Girl: you keep saying all this crap about men sticking brains between my lags
Stupid Girl: that’s weird
Rabbi Fatonio: Would you like me to translate that from english for you?
Rabbi Fatonio: A man’s brain is his penis and I know you know what is between your legs, do not you?
Stupid Girl: I don’t sex
Rabbi Fatonio: I am an interesting drug, am I not.
Stupid Girl: and that’s really none of your business
Rabbi Fatonio: I never said it was.
Rabbi Fatonio: Did I?
Rabbi Fatonio: I love you Jennifer, you are my first love.
Rabbi Fatonio: Would you like a job?
Stupid Girl: no
Rabbi Fatonio: Someone likes that drugs I give.
Rabbi Fatonio: Religions fall and children shelled.
Rabbi Fatonio: But this is all very well.
Rabbi Fatonio: Remember mother’s words.
Stupid Girl: your mom smoked crack when she was pregnant with you didn’t she?
Rabbi Fatonio: Name calling, again?
Rabbi Fatonio: We have danced this dance.
Stupid Girl: what mother’s words?
Rabbi Fatonio: We should dance the fandango.
Stupid Girl: no thanks
Rabbi Fatonio: Your mother’s words. Mothers always have words for their children.
Stupid Girl: ohh
Stupid Girl: my mommy says she loves me
Rabbi Fatonio: I’ll sing all your favorite jiggels
Stupid Girl: is that what you’re talking about?
Rabbi Fatonio: Yes.
Rabbi Fatonio: Love, Jennifer.
Rabbi Fatonio: I want you too have it.
Rabbi Fatonio: This was never about Michael or you.
Rabbi Fatonio: This is about love.
Rabbi Fatonio: I want you to give it in hope of receiving it.
Rabbi Fatonio: I want everyone to be happy.
Stupid Girl: who’s Michael?
Rabbi Fatonio: The Angel.
Rabbi Fatonio: But you do not believe in angels, correct?
Stupid Girl: that’s correct
Rabbi Fatonio: Jennifer, my name is Samil.
Rabbi Fatonio: Do you know what my name means?
Stupid Girl: well, Samil…….you’re a freak
Rabbi Fatonio: You are dirty.
Stupid Girl: I know I am not dirty
Rabbi Fatonio: I know I am not a freak.
Stupid Girl: and I know you don’t know what I do or do not do
Rabbi Fatonio: And you do not if this is all a game and we are laughing at you.
Rabbi Fatonio: In fact they always laugh at you, dirty girl.
Stupid Girl: weirdo
Rabbi Fatonio: Bearer of the dirty children.
Stupid Girl: I’ve got three
Stupid Girl: is that bad?
Rabbi Fatonio: Virgin like the Holy Mother?
Stupid Girl: she doesn’t exist
Rabbi Fatonio: Oh she did.
Rabbi Fatonio: You do not exist.
Stupid Girl: have you ever met her?
Rabbi Fatonio: You do not even know who you are
Rabbi Fatonio: How can you exist?
Stupid Girl: I know pretty damn well who I am
Rabbi Fatonio: She came to me in a dream and told me you were a dirty girl.
Rabbi Fatonio: No you do not.
Rabbi Fatonio: Take off the mask and look at it.
Rabbi Fatonio: It is not your’s.
Stupid Girl: don’t tell me what I know
Rabbi Fatonio: Get off the stage!
Rabbi Fatonio: You know nothing, that is the problem.
Stupid Girl: there is no way I’m dirty and you’re a freak
Rabbi Fatonio: Get outof the spotlight!
Stupid Girl: do you see a fucking spotlight?
Rabbi Fatonio: Name calling, once again?
Rabbi Fatonio: Yes, you live in it.
Stupid Girl: whatever
Rabbi Fatonio: You should not. No one likes to see twist ugly dirty girls.
Stupid Girl: so now I’m twisted and ugly also?
Rabbi Fatonio: You started the name calling.
Stupid Girl: but you love that, right?
Rabbi Fatonio: Ugly and twisted and dirty?
Stupid Girl: I guess so
Rabbi Fatonio: Yes very much.
Rabbi Fatonio: Do you love my drugs?
Stupid Girl: you’re probably into a lot or strange things
Stupid Girl: I don’t use drugs
Rabbi Fatonio: You feast on them like no other because you are like no other.
Rabbi Fatonio: I am a drug.
Stupid Girl: I’m clean:-P
Rabbi Fatonio: You are using me.
Rabbi Fatonio: Druggie.
Rabbi Fatonio: Dirty, ugly, twisted, druggie girl.
Rabbi Fatonio: That is what I will call you.
Stupid Girl: nice
Rabbi Fatonio: I know. It’s like bee’s knee.
Stupid Girl: you’ve never even seen me so can’t call me those things
Rabbi Fatonio: You have never seen me and I am a weirdo and strange and above all a freak.
Rabbi Fatonio: You are a hypocrite.
Stupid Girl: yes
Rabbi Fatonio: Do yo like my light?
Rabbi Fatonio: Of course yo do.
Stupid Girl: well, it’s past my bedtime
Rabbi Fatonio: That is why you still type to me.
Rabbi Fatonio: Responding to my every word.
Stupid Girl: so goodnight
Rabbi Fatonio: Dream a little dream for me.

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