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X-Men 2 : Fall of the Mutants or Funshine goes to the movie!

I just got this game which came out in finally today. I’ve always wanted it and now I have it. Yah for me!

Christhoper and I are going to see X-@ today, I can’t wait. He wants us to go to Music Midtown but I’ve gotta study this weekend as to not fail my Math class oh and I got a C in American Government! I’m so fuckin’ pissed but it’s better than what I should’ve gotten….let just say if not for the final I would have been failing after the last two test…urgh…I’ve got a 44 on anything before! I can’t wait for my other grades if I can pull off this A on the math final I get a B in the class and if I can pull off a A in Global studies I got an A, I’m think I can pull off an A. I’m actually feeling really good today.

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