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…you know a Phoenix dies only to be reborn.

All beings carry within them a capacity for good and evil. All our actions result from the interaction of these two fundamental forces. Our reason makes us aware of these forces and likewise gives us the responsibility for choosing between them. Regrettably, not all choices are clear cut, nor all conflicts obvious.
“This child achieved a level of power that placed her far above humanity–on the evolutionary scale–as they are the amoeba. She had only to think, and that thought would become instant reality.
“But the Phoenix is also a force of primal passion, and Homo Sapiens is still much a creature of passion as of intellect. Such passion by it’s very nature is seductive and violent. Jean could not but help to respond to it, be changed by it, and in time, overwhelmed.
“So she briefly became the dark side of Phoenix: The Black Angel, Choas-Bringer. Yet, when faced with a choice of keeping her god-like power–knowing she would then wreak death and destruction across the stars–and dying, herself, she chose the latter.
“That is what make humanity virtually unique in the cosmos, my friend–this extraordinary capacity for self-sacrifice…this ability to triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles if the cause be just, knowing all the while that to do so means certain death.
“The X-Men do not realize it–they may never realize, or accept it–but this day they won perhaps the greatest victory of their young lives.
“Jean Grey could have lived to become a god. But it was more important to her that she die…a human.” –The Watcher, Uncanny X-Men 137

WIth the end of Buffy and Supergirl, I’ve decided Jean Grey/Phoenix will replace their collective love in my heart. With the upcoming movie and the awesome writing of Grant Morrisson, I’ve found my new super-lady.

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