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I’ve got some great news: Nate, one of my oldest and dearest (gay) friends, will be coming home in May, but that’s not all…He will soon be going to Emory to further his education as a Law major. I’m oddly very proud of him, instead of the usual I hate you, you incredibly sex smart boy. It’s going to odd for a little while with him back and all. It might just be like how it was before I moved and he started spiraling apart. If anyone can make me forget about Christopher and this nagging hold we still have for one another it’s Nate.

It’s odd but I’ve always thought we’d be perfect together but I could never see myself with him. Like we’ve joked about having sex together but I honestly could never have sex with him. It just wouldn’t work. It’s like WIll and Jack. He’s just too gay.

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