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Angels. Always Angels.

It’s odd how someone leaves a piece of them in you. Todd was a sculptor of angels and I’ve found myself drawing them more and more. Oh the most recent sketch is of Sammael or Satan as she/he has become known as. I did a sketch for Gabriel (She/He will be more manly). Then on to Raphael and Michael and finally my personal favorite; Uriel. I was thinking of including them into the story of Erda, as divine guardian of the gift of Ngoui Rung. I think I’m going to establish that the Ngoui Rung were God’s chosen people and humans are the bile of Sammael. I’m thinking of changing Shaiton’s name also.

Well it’ will continue to be Shaiton but not Shaiton Tomoe. Maybe Shaiton Harut. The Devil of Magic. I think that is closer to what he is. He is a witch after all.

Shaiton Harut: New Sketch

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